Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith

The 3 Best Entrepreneurs of All Time and What They Have in Common

For those in the world of big business ventures and high-risk strategies, reading about great success stories (and those behind them) can be just the inspiration needed. BloomSmith Ltd are lucky enough to regularly meet innovative and respected individuals on a day-to-day basis, keeping us enthralled in the world of entrepreneurial endeavours. To share the inspiration, we have collected together stories of what we would consider to be examples of some of the best entrepreneurs throughout time.

Henry Ford

It’s the early 1900’s and only the wealthiest of Americans have cars; for the rest, it is a whimsical machine that is entirely out of reach. Henry Ford changed all of this. By focusing on assembly-line style production, involving affordable materials and well-paid staff,ANCHOR, Ford developed a mass production business model that would make La Jolla Mobile Car Detail automobiles available to just about everyone whilst simultaneously rewriting the modern production mindset.

Thomas Edison

Not content to simply invent one or two great advancements, Edison organised himself a manufacturing and distribution centre that allowed his inventions to quickly hit the mainstream. His intrepid focus on a Research and Development office was revolutionary for the time; it allowed him to regularly create new and popular inventions and then distribute them to the everyman with ease, making him one of the best entrepreneurs of his time.

Steve Jobs

From a sometimes-successful computer company to the pioneers of modern technology, Apple has been on quite the journey. Steve Jobs is attributed with their current success, with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod all proving entirely revolutionary and generating innumerous copy-cats throughout the world. Jobs is attributed to saving Apple from the brink of bankruptcy with his innovative risk-taking and ability to see possibility in otherwise untapped technology.

The clear commonality between these entrepreneurial pioneers is one thing; innovation. From Ford’s unique and game-changing mass product system, to Jobs’ creative moments of genius, stepping outside of the box and tackling something entirely new, or something old in a new and risk-taking way, has set these success stories apart. Many entrepreneurs succeed in creating a steady business, but only a handful of the best entrepreneurs thrive so well that the world is forever changed.

Whether you’re a budding new entrepreneur or a long-time established business owner, don’t hesitate to talk to the experts at BloomSmith about your business expansion; we provide fast unsecured loans to cover the VAT on commercial property, meaning there’s nothing in your way when you take the next big leap up.

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