Our Story

The BloomSmith journey

Our Story

The BloomSmith journey

Our background

BloomSmith was founded in 2015 as a response to the need for alternative borrowing opportunities for property investors and developers facing financial strains caused by their VAT obligations.

Having worked in property development and investment for decades, we faced the challenge of reduced short-term liquidity caused by large VAT payments on numerous occasions.

The nature of the VAT return process often meant that a significant sum of our money was tied up by bureaucracy, throttling our financial freedom, putting stress on our decision making and creating an opportunity cost as we waited for the money to land back in our account.

We also found ourselves regularly frustrated by the lack of viable short-term borrowing products that could alleviate this financial pressure in a timely fashion.

BloomSmith’s birth

The financial services sector is built upon evolution and innovation, and we quickly established that a gap in the market existed for providing an alternative funding source that mitigated this drain on cashflow, and from this, BloomSmith was born.

We set about developing a specialist funding model that could deliver access to equity for other developers and investors facing a similar predicament, focusing on the core principles of delivering fast, simple VAT bridging loans paired with transparent lending practices.

Working alongside trusted partners like Buckle Barton Chartered Accountants and Fladgate LLP, this system has evolved into a streamlined funding model that can let clients receive their cash in as little as 48 hours.

In the following years, we have rolled out our funding model to businesses across the country, building a team with expertise across different facets of finance and real estate management.


Today, we are well established as the leading VAT funding experts within the United Kingdom’s real estate sector, providing our clients with access to fast loans.

Operating in an ever-changing marketplace has presented many challenges along the way but our success has been born out of our steadfast dedication to the principles we were founded upon.

Our transparent practices have enabled us to build relationships with industry leaders like Shawbrook bank to provide easy access to a unique alternative lending platform that has benefited developers and investors across the United Kingdom.

This has enabled us to lend against over £250m worth of real estate since our inception, helping put British real estate businesses in control of their decision making and helping them to realise their potential.

If you would like to learn more about how BloomSmith can help your business then please feel free to reach out to us today or to request a callback from our team.

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