Our process

The BloomSmith model has been designed to easily deliver VAT funding in as little as 48 hours. Here’s what you can expect from our simple lending process.

Check if you qualify for a loan

Utilise our VAT Bridging Loan Eligibility Checker to discover if you’re eligible for a VAT bridging loan in just a matter of minutes. Speak to our team to learn more about whether you qualify.

We’ll get in touch within the hour

If our eligibility check indicates that you qualify for a VAT bridging loan, our team will reach out to you within the hour to discuss the options available.

All we’ll need is to confirm the details of your property, that you can form a new Special Purpose Vehicle outside of a group structure to undertake the purchase, and to verify the seller’s VAT number.

We can provide off-the-shelf SPVs for you to facilitate your transaction.

Issuing a Briefing Letter

Once this has been confirmed, we will issue you with a Briefing Letter outlining the terms of the deal.

Contract creation

Our solicitors will work with your solicitors to formalise the contract based on the information enclosed within your Briefing Letter.

Proceed to completion

For completion, we will issue your funds to cover the cost of your VAT. These funds will be sent directly to your solicitors.

HMRC Reclaim

Once the purchase is completed, we begin the reclaim process with HMRC on your behalf. HMRC send the reclaimed funds directly to us, repaying the loan on your behalf for a streamlined process.

Contact us

Reach out to our team to see how we can help you.

Our journey

Why we created our VAT funding platform.