Our Team



Nigel is the co-founder and CEO of BloomSmith, bringing decades of specialised expertise to the firm. Prior to BloomSmith, Nigel founded Gilbran Group, in 1996, which is the UK’s first specialist real estate investor and developer dedicated to the automotive industry. With focus now on VAT Bridging lending his property experience has made BloomSmith a valuable funding partner and part of a working team


Technical Officer and Business Development

Jonny brings a dynamic and fresh approach to business development for BloomSmith. With highly relevant expertise in IT, Data Management, Marketing and Business Development, his support is a key element of BloomSmith’s continued success.



Neil is an accomplished debt buyer and lending principal who also brings a wealth of experience. Prior to joining BloomSmith, Neil’s own company founded by him in 1997, as well as purchasing over £2bn of distressed debt, was the first FCA accredited debt purchase company to operate on the highly sensitive HCST area. Having sold a majority stake in his business in 2017, Neil now focuses solely on driving BloomSmith to achieve excellent results

Our Legal and VAT advisors