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We provide 100% of the VAT funding needed, in 48 hours, with no legal charge taken on the property.

BloomSmith is there to provide VAT funding on real estate transactions. BloomSmith was formed in 2015 to address funding and LTV shortfalls in the lending market similar to the funding and LTV shortfall that we are witnessing today. Short term cash requirements need to be met, even if they are short term, and a VAT specific lender with property experience did not exist.

BloomSmith lend without a charge to experienced borrowers who understand the benefit of intelligent transaction structure over a legal charge is secure physical asset backed lending. BloomSmith lend using a legal charge where required however, to ensure that we support our customers.

The company has many years of investment, development and lending experience  and works directly with Investors, Developers, Developer Contractors, Funds, Banks, Bridging lenders, Real Estate and Tax Lawyers, Accountants, Real Estate Advisory firms, Finance Brokers, Fund Monitors and of course, always people.   

“The most reliable VAT lender in the market"

Ludo Mackenzie – Head of Commercial Property, Octopus Property

What is real estate VAT FUNDING?

vat loans explained

A VAT loan or bridge allows you to raise short term finance to cover the VAT element due on the purchase of you or your client’s commercial property. This ensures that the deal completes and the BloomSmith structure ensures that your equity is safe and HMRC repay your loan for you.

100% Of The VAT
100% Of The SDLT
Success Rate

Our Team



Nigel is the co-founder and CEO of BloomSmith, bringing decades of specialised expertise to the firm. Prior to BloomSmith, Nigel founded Gilbran Group, in 1996, which is the UK’s first specialist real estate investor and developer dedicated to the automotive industry. With focus now on VAT Bridging lending his property experience has made BloomSmith a valuable funding partner and part of a working team



Neil is an accomplished debt buyer and lending principal who also brings a wealth of experience. Prior to joining BloomSmith, Neil’s own company founded by him in 1997, as well as purchasing over £2bn of distressed debt, was the first FCA accredited debt purchase company to operate on the highly sensitive HCST area. Having sold a majority stake in his business in 2017, Neil now focuses solely on driving BloomSmith to achieve excellent results



Jonny brings a dynamic and fresh approach to business development for BloomSmith. With highly relevant expertise in IT, Data Management, Marketing and Business Development, his support is a key element of BloomSmith’s continued success.

Frequently asked questions

A BloomSmith VAT loan allows you to raise short term finance to cover the VAT due on the purchase of your commercial property. This enables you to complete the deal.

The BloomSmith structure ensures that your equity is safe, as our direct collaboration with HMRC means that they repay your loan for you.

The VAT is chargeable on a commercial property where:

  • The property has been elected for VAT
  • The owner has registered their interest in that property
  • The owner has registered for VAT themselves

This is referred to as an “opted in” commercial property. The vendor is then able to issue a VAT qualifying invoice for the purchase of the property to the purchaser.

You can reclaim the VAT but first, it must be paid upon purchase of the property. Following the property purchase, your VAT reclaim is submitted and processed. It is repaid if HMRC approves the transaction. BloomSmith manages this end-to-end process for you as part of our service.

In general, it takes 45 to 120 days from the date of payment (purchase) to receive your reclaimed amount. This affects your business’s cash flow and potentially even business opportunity. A BloomSmith VAT loan allows you to focus on the next transaction rather than allocating cash to HMRC.

BloomSmith provides a fully managed VAT loan option. This offering means that we will oversee the recovery of the VAT direct from HMRC and deal with all inquiries, leaving you to focus on your new purchase and business development.

BloomSmith is highly experienced in dealing with the VAT recovery process, which can speed up recovery, and reduce interest payment costs by reducing the term of the loan.

At BloomSmith, we lend on process. We simply require you to form a new SPV outside of a group structure and provide verification of the legitimacy of the seller charging VAT. The loan is secured on recovery from HMRC rather than on available equity in the property.

No, we don’t. Our system is optimized for efficiency, and our collaboration with HMRC means that the loan is secured on repayment from them. 

We do not have a minimum or maximum loan. We can facilitate up to £20 million plus. 

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