Kate Ashton

Kate Ashton

BloomSmith expands Broker network

The role of the Broker in Commercial Property Finance is an absolute necessity to evaluate and structure deals and drive them to completion. This works for all parties, including accountants, agents, lawyers, lenders and principals and the Broker’s important role leads to an end game of deal completion.  

Founding Commercial Property and Land VAT lender BloomSmith has recognised that a high percentage of its funding requests comes via their valued Broker network.

BloomSmith knows the importance of the Broker and are currently expanding their reach to ensure stability and quality to all parties. Key to this is Broker reward. Without them the property finance industry would slow significantly, and commercial lenders would not have their sizable lending platforms today.

Those Brokers already working with BloomSmith will recognise speed of funds, process simplicity and reliability. Many are fellow NACFB members or patrons, playing a strategic part in alignment to ensure smooth relationships and better outcomes for borrowers. 

Sales Director, Kate Ashton, said: “The expansion of our deal sources is essential for BloomSmith’s continued growth, particularly following the recent funding partnership with Shawbrook Bank. Once Brokers and their Clients have been through our effective process for VAT funding, they return consistently and we are able to provide reduced rates for repeat business, thus ensuring a seamless service and in turn happy clients.”

Any questions contact our Sales Director, Kate Ashton on 07825516161 or via email kate@bloomsmith.co.uk

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