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£3m loan: Paddington

£3,040,000 VAT bridging loan: Paddington, London Transacted May 2024 £3,040,000 VAT bridging loan: Paddington, London​ Transacted May 2024 Property: Westbourne Terrace, Paddington Purchase price: £15,200,000

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£1.8m VAT loan in Bucks

£1.8m VAT bridging loan: Bucks Transacted May 2024 £1.8m VAT bridging loan: Bucks​ Transacted May 2024 Property: Commercial property in Buckinghamshire Purchase price: £9,000,000 VAT

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£1 million: Staines, Surrey

BloomSmith provides £1 million VAT funding for Staines property purchase Delivering innovative financing solutions to developers across the United Kingdom £1 million of VAT successfully

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£2.5m loan: Stamford Hill, London

£2,500,000 VAT loan: Stamford Hill, London Completed April 2023 £2,500,000 VAT loan: Stamford Hill, London​ Completed April 2023 Property: Stamford Hill, London Purchase price: £12,500,000 VAT facility: £2,500,000

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£510,000 loan: Ilford, Essex

£510,000 VAT loan: Ilford, Essex Completed March 2023 £510,000 VAT loan: Ilford, Essex Completed November 2023 Property: Ilford, Essex Purchase price: £2,550,000 VAT facility: £510,000

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