Simplify your borrowing with an Express Special Purpose Vehicle

Expedite your VAT funding and loan repayment with a ready-made VAT-registered SPV


Fulfil your VAT funding requirements and ensure a fast repayment of your loan with an Express Special Purpose Vehicle

HMRC VAT registration delays for new companies can impact the speed at which you can repay your VAT loan following the completion of your property purchase.

To overcome this obstacle, we hold VAT-registered companies for you to buy and complete your purchase in, courtesy of our Express Special Purpose Vehicles solution – a practical feature to fulfil your borrowing needs quickly and with certainty.

How does an Express Special Purpose Vehicle work?

Assume ownership of an SPV quickly and conveniently to complete your transaction

To effectively perform our credit checking processes, we advise borrowers create a standalone SPV outside of a group structure to complete their property purchase.

This is designed to deliver timely transactions by ensuring exhaustive credit checks and fixed legal charges are not required.

However, occasions can arise where clients do not have a VAT-registered SPV ready ahead of an imminent purchase.

Although our team is committed to lending to clients even if the VAT registration process has not been completed, transacting via a VAT-registered SPV is the optimal solution for avoiding delays and costs.

By pre-emptively creating VAT registered SPVs that borrowers can assume ownership of, we deliver an efficient funding process that reduces the time taken to receive and repay your loan.

Utilising an Express Special Purpose Vehicle expedites your loan repayment as it bypasses the long lead-times that many companies experience when registering for VAT with HMRC, helping you move from instigation to completion in as short a timeframe as possible.

What's the process?

Taking ownership of an Express Special Purpose Vehicle couldn’t be easier.

We form the company, ensuring VAT registration is in place, and you take ownership of the SPV when you’re ready to transact.

By performing your purchase via this pre-registered SPV, you ensure the VAT return can be processed faster, creating a streamlined process.

If you require an Express Special Purpose Vehicle to meet our VAT funding criteria, please reach out to our team today.

You can also check your eligibility for a VAT bridging loan online and see if you qualify within minutes.

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