Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith

3 Reasons Why It Is the Best Time to Purchase a Commercial Property

Despite coming off the back of a Brexit referendum and a general election, Britain’s economy is seemingly healthier than it has been for the last few years, making it the perfect time for business owners across the country to start expanding. BloomSmith outline 3 reasons why businesses of any size should consider purchasing a commercial property.

1. Brexit is around the corner

The commercial property market has experienced a certain amount of turbulence over the last year or so. When the majority of the country opted to leave the EU, the commercial market, much like the pound, experienced some fluctuations. With multiple deals falling through, investment volumes plummeting and investors withdrawing money, the commercial market looked bleak to say the least.

Having regained some stability post-Brexit, the commercial market has begun to show some signs of life once more. That isn’t to say that once Article 50 is triggered the same good fortune will continue, however. With that in mind, a certain degree of ‘making hay while the sun is shining’ must be observed, and purchasing a commercial property now before a topsy-turvy market returns is a safe bet for any business owner looking to expand.

2. Governmental backing

In our previous blog, we discussed the reasons as to why small businesses are likely to flourish in 2018, and with that in mind, it is the perfect time to invest and to expand. An increase in funding to companies in the research and development sector, coupled with the postponement of taxation regimes and the creation of funding projects, has created the perfect environment for small and medium sized enterprises to flourish in.

Extra funding and support will only lead to growth and success, so accommodate that growth by expanding into a commercial property which matches your ambition.

3. Prices will only continue to rise

Although prices of commercial properties are increasing, the true fact of the matter is that they are going to continue to rise while the market continues to flourish. By purchasing a commercial property now, you will avoid paying through the nose in a couple of years when the market has either grown to an abhorrent rate, or when Brexit causes markets to become unstable.

Even if you can only muster up the price of the building itself, BloomSmith VAT Funding Solutions have a wealth of experience in providing legitimate companies with the finances needed to fund the VAT costs of their commercial property.

For more information on our services, contact BloomSmith today on 020 3488 3411 to speak to a member of our team.

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